Privacy Policy


SunMoney Solar Group, SunMoney Solar FZ LLE (License No: 4350/2014, address: P.O. Box: 4422, Creative Tower, Fujairah, UAE) (hereinafter referred to as SunMoney or Data Manager) as the data manager acting under the trademark SunMoney acknowledges the provisions of this Privacy Policy as binding for itself. SunMoney undertakes to manage and process data in accordance with this Policy and the existing laws.

The purpose of this Policy is to define the management, processing and security of the data transmitted to SunMoney.

This Privacy Policy is applicable to all data managed by SunMoney and to all persons connected to SunMoney who manage data.

The terms written in capitals in this Privacy Policy shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Standard Service Policy of SunMoney and in this Privacy Policy which documents are learned by both parties.

1. Definitions

Consent” means the voluntary and direct expression of the Partner’s will which is based on suitable information and with which it gives its unmistakeable consent to the – all-inclusive or to partial (including some operations) – management of the Personal Data;

Data Management” means any and all operations executed over the data with no respect to the applied method, especially but not limited to data collection, recording, systemisation, storage, change, use, getting, transmission, disclosure to the public, coordination or connection, lock-up, deletion and destroy, and preventing data’s further usage, making photographic or audio records and records of physical features that are suitable to identify a person;

“Data Manager” means SunMoney that individually or jointly with others defines the purpose and the method of Data Management and makes the decisions regarding the Data Management and executes such decesions or makes the Data Processor execute them;


“Data Processing” means the execution of technical tasks in connection with data processing, irrespectively to the the applied method or tool and the place of the application provided that the technical tasks are performed over the data;

“Data Processor” means such individual or legal person, or organisation having no legal personality that processes data based on a contract concluded with SunMoney, including also the contract concluded based on the provision of the laws.

“Data Recipient” means the data manager who receives the Personal Data;

“Data Transmission” means making available the data to a definite third person;

“Database” means all data managed in one record;

“Partner” means any person identified or – directly or indirectly – identifiable based on any Personal Data;

“Personal Data” means any data that can be connected to the Partner; especially the Partner’s name, identification code, and knowledge of one or more physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural, or social identity characteristic of the Partner; and the conclusion regarding the Partner that can be derived from the data.

“Privacy Policy” means this Privacy Policy

“Third Person” means such individual or legal person, or organisation with no legal personality that is not identical with the Partner, the Data Manager or the Data Processor.

2. Data Management Principles

2.1. SunMoney manages the Personal Data only for defined, expressed and legal reason, for the purpose of exercising rights or fulfilling obligations.

2.2. SunMoney records and manages the Personal Data according to the principles of fairness and legality. SunMoney ensures during the Data Management that the Personal Data are accurate, full and up-to-date and also that the Partner may only be identified the period necessary for the purpose of the Data Management. SunMoney ensures that it will comply with the purpose of the Data Management in any and all sequence of the Data